LOVE: The Very Definition of Insanity


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Sometimes I equate that with love. You meet someone, fall in love, it doesn’t work out. Eventually you circle back around to the same individual, fall back in love and express how much you’ve both changed. Eventually you change slightly back into the old person you were the first time you were together and then it all ends again.

I guess that’s life. It’s like we have a desire to hurt ourselves and others over and over knowing that things usually end the same way. History repeats itself after all. I know that sounds cynical, but overall we as humans, tend to make the same mistake several times.

That being said, I still believe in love and that you should take the chance if it comes around. At the very least, you will enjoy the ride while you are on it. Most importantly you learn a lesson or two and walk away a stronger, smarter, individual. You will experience the highs that come with being in love. You will have fun and share experiences with someone you think you will spend the rest of your life with. You will be so in love that when it’s over, you hit the ground stunned. But it’s all worth it.

Even though the fall hurts, it’s worth it…


Liken Unto A Dream


The future is liken unto a beautiful dream that we may see but can’t fully recall when we awaken

We can remember a small part, but the dream in its entirety eludes us

We fill in the blanks with what our imagination can conjure up

But it isn’t truly what we dreamt

It’s slightly a lie

If a lie can be partially true, yet false at the same time


The dream is liken unto the future

A dream is hard to decipher

Sometimes there’s a double meaning

Sometimes there’s no meaning

At times the meaning is too profound for us to comprehend

It baffles us, confuses us , leaves us wanton…

Grasping for meaning and understanding.


The future is liken unto a dream…

Unpredictable, complex, exciting, happy, surprising and many other adjectives

The future…. dreams…

They are liken unto each other as neither can be predicted

Uncertainty  is the only thing that is for certain

Try as you might, plan, pray, hope…what will be will be

There is no controlling it regardless of how hard you try

I for one have relinquished control and I am a bystander watching my life unfold as I were in a dream

My future is a beautiful surprise that comes into realization a little more each day

I’ve come to believe the dream is in fact the future

Manifestations of my dreams become reality ever so slightly

They tumble into my life and I welcome them

My Future is Liken Unto a Dream…..




I would forgive everyone even if they’ve never apologized to me

I would write my Mother a long letter thanking her for always loving me

I’d kiss the love of my life


I would call my family and friends and tell them I love them

I would picture the good moments that I felt most in my heart

Gone would be the tension, hard feelings, longing, sadness


I’d regret never having kids to share my life with

Never taking time to smell the beautiful roses

I’d miss all the time that I spent worrying about things that were out of my control


I’d tell everyone that would listen not to waste time

To enjoy the small moments

Find good in all things


Enjoy the quiet

Love. Feel. Breathe. Love.

Life. Live.

Do You Believe In Magic?

Botox Injection 3

               Butt implants. Lip injections. Breast implants. Nose jobs. Ahhh!! As soon as I turn the television on I am bombarded with these images and told that this is the standard of beauty. And we all know if “they” say it, then it’s the truth. Gone are the days where freshly washed make-up free faces are flaunted and people still have their original noses. Instead many have replaced the natural with collagen, plastic and silicon which is inexplicably recognizable. There is no attempt made to appear discreet or subtle. It’s almost as if plastic surgery is worn as a badge of honor representing the monetary status of an individual indicating they have arrived. However that is another story in and of itself entirely therefore I digress.

               We as a society appear to be brainwashed into thinking that the images we see on the magazine pages and the movie screens are real. For this reason alone, perhaps magic does exist. For magic is an optical illusion, a trick that makes the impossible appear plausible.  Magic will fool your mind into thinking that you saw something even though logically you know it is impossible. Magic is performed on just about every image that the media feeds to us. The magic I am referring to is Photoshop, airbrushing and plastic surgery. In many cases, society imposes unrealistic expectations of beauty on itself as a direct relation to these media driven images.

               How can you realistically think that you are able to look like the famous actress or singer that you see on the cover of the fashion magazine? She has tens of thousands of dollars to spend on collagen and breast implants and she has her photographs altered to make her look thinner and give her a bigger booty. It’s just not possible! The “magic” has blinded us as a whole and I believe that it’s time to love and accept ourselves for all that are and everything that we are not. When we love ourselves, the magic doesn’t exist. I don’t believe in magic. Do you believe in magic?

Press Replay

Sometimes you get a replay

You dig deep. Re-evaluate yourself

A do-over

You’ve had time to grow


You’re older, more mature



Not afraid to demand what you want

Willing to walk away but determined to stay

You’re willing to take a chance to love with your whole heart

Be vulnerable, open, naked, bare

Put your  heart on display

You love hard till the wheels fall off

You love with no regrets


Mine Ownself Be True

For so long I have conformed to what others deemed acceptable and just.

Now I’m ready to set my own rules.

Gone are the days when I allow others to dictate to me what I should do without question.

I have big dreams and no one will be allowed to sway me.

I will allow my heart to love whomever it loves.

I will allow myself to learn via trial and error.

I encourage myself to stumble and fail because it’s all a part of growing.

I also believe that in the end I will get it right.

Whatever “it” is…